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There is level access from the main entrance to the dining room. There are steps from the main entrance to the Bedroom, The Lilac Room, Front Garden area
and the back garden area. From the street to the main entrance, there are 4 steps. There is no ramp and no lift. The path is sloped. The main entrance has level access. The door is 778mm wide. The First step has a gradient and the lowest section of this step is situated at the furthest from the front door.

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All bedrooms have windows, ceiling lights, bedside lamps and natural daylight. Lights are energy saving. Some lights can be controlled independently. TVs have subtitles.

All bedrooms are non-smoking and we have non-allergic bedding. All bedrooms have fitted carpets.

No bedrooms have level access. The bedroom nearest the main entrance has 4 steps. We have bathrooms with a separate shower. Some showers have a handrail.

We have bathrooms with a bath and overhead shower. The shower has a handrail. We have bathrooms with a bath.

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Communal Areas

From the main entrance to the dining area, there are 4 steps. There is no lift and no ramp. To get to a table, there are no steps. If you need table service, staff can help you. The route through the dining area is 800mm wide, or more. There is no background music. We cater for sugar free (diabetic), vegetarian, gluten free (celiacs), lactose free (dairy free) and nut free specific diets. If you have any specific dietry requirements, please inform us prior to arrival so we can ensure we have everything you need.

From the main entrance to the gardens, there is 1 step. There is no lift and no ramp. The route is sloped. From the main entrance to the back garden area, there are 6 steps. There is no lift and no ramp. From the driveway the side entrance could be used to access the Back Garden BBQ area which is all level.

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We have an area to charge mobility scooters and battery powered wheelchairs. Staff are available 24 hours a day. If you have any additional requirements please let me know and I will be happy to source the necessary equipment.

Given sufficient notice I can obtain:

Portable hearing loop, Flashing alarm clock with optional vibrating pad, Sound activated flashing fire alarm with optional vibrating pad, Adjustable toilet frame, Contrasting coloured toilet seat booster, Contrasting coloured toilet lid cover, Contrasting coloured top to bathroom waste bin, Freestanding shower chair with arms

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Transport & Parking

You can get to Carabas by bus. This is located on the main road coming from Colby towards Port Erin it is called Ballafesson. Then there is a 5 minute walk to Mill Road which is the third road on the right. Carabas is the first bungalow on the right hand side with the green farm gates. The bus stop is 1.00 miles / 8.2 km from Carabas.

You can get a taxi with Bunty’s Taxi firm by calling 01624 835433.The taxi company has a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

We have a car park. The parking is less than 50 metres from the main entrance. Parking is free. There is a drop-off point at the main entrance. The drop-off point has a dropped kerb. From the parking to the main entrance, there are 4 steps. There is no ramp and no lift.

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Other Information

CIRCA Shopmobility is located Level 2, Chester St CarPark, Douglas, IM12PG Tel: 01624 613713. There is a GP practice (686979), dentist (642785) and two pharmacies in Port Erin and a reciprocal arrangement with the UK for free emergency healthcare.